Pressurized Hydronic Injector

The Boiler Booster™ is a pressurized hydronic injector that introduces no air into the system so there is no need to remove air afterwards. There is no quicker, easier, or better way to inject cleaning and lubricating chemicals into a boiler.

The operation is simple: 1) Fill the boiler booster with the cleaning/lubricating chemical of your choice, 2) connect the supplied boiler booster hose to an existing hose bibb connection on the hydronic system, 3) using your cordless drill on the boiler booster, push the chemical into the hydronic system, 4) disconnect the Boiler Booster from the hose bibb – you’re done!

Easily Add Boiler Treatment

Injecting boiler treatment chemicals couldn’t be easier. 30 seconds to fill the Boiler Booster, and 30 seconds to inject into the boiler. Job done.

50 PSI Pressure Chamber

No need to drain the boiler. The Boiler Booster easily injects boiler treatment chemicals while the boiler is operating under pressure.

32oz Capacity

The Boiler Booster’s pressure chamber is made to accept the same amount of fluid as a standard size 32 ounce chemical treatment container.