Boiler Booster TM is a Product of Neild Innovations Inc.

1 Limited One Year Warranty. Neild Innovations Inc warrants that its Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the exclusions, exceptions and any other limitations enumerated in this Warranty Policy.

2 Exclusions. Product(s) may be excluded from this Warranty Policy, with any pending Claims rejected, in whole or in part, if Neild Innovations Inc determines that there is evidence of any one or more of the following:

Negligence. Negligence may include improper use and/or improper storage.

Abuse. Abuse may include recklessness, exposure to excessive elements and/or damage beyond the limits of normal wear and tear.

Unauthorized Repair. Unauthorized repair includes any repair, service, or modification not performed by Neild Innovations Inc.

Unauthorized Transfer. Unauthorized transfer may include theft, improper possession or any other transfer of title, ownership or possession without adequate proof of purchase or chain of title.

3 Services. Neild Innovations Inc does not warrant, and claims no liability for any charges incurred by any Purchasing Entity relating to installation, repair or removal of Products.
4 Transferability. Any warranty provided under this Warranty Policy is non‐transferable.
5 Modification. Any modification to Neild Innovations inc Product(s) voids this warranty.

This Warranty Policy may be subject to change without notice.